Wednesday, 24 August 2016

HMWSSB Bill Payment-Mobile App


HMWSSB Bill Payment Through ONLINE:

The days of long queues to make the payment is over.  The HMWSSB bill payment offers its customers many ways of payment options  as well as will get the HMWSSB bill payment status. Choose one of the following which works best for you and pay your HMWSSB bill payment at your convenient time.

A)Mobile App


C)Mee Seva Online (Government of Telangana)


Now, Let's How we can make HMWSSB Bill Payment Through Mobile App:

There are many ways to make HMWSSB Bill Payment Online but paying through their Mobile App is very convenient. 

A) Mobile App:

The every person must and should pay your HMWSSB Bill payment through the your Mobile App. The launched HMWSSB bill payment Mobile App was so many facilities and provide a) Bill alerts and b) Payment due alerts c) Provisions for complaints and d) Tanker booking. HMWSSB Bill payment every person will be paid with the Mobile App which will be available initially on the HMWSSB Bill payment Android platform. HMWSSB Bill payment enquiry and HMWSSB Bill payment easily though the Mobile App with the following steps .

HMWSSB Mobile App Features :

1.Book a Water Tanker
2.Register Grievance
3.Tanker Status
4.Complaints Status
5.HMWSSB Bill Payment 
6.HMWSSB bill payment details.

Once you Install HMWSSB Mobile App from Google Play Store, after successful registration, the following screens will appear. 

Image 1 - Home Screen For HMWSSB Mobile App.

HMWSSB Bill Payment - 1

Image 2 - Book A Tanker Screen in HMWSSB Mobile App

HMWSSB Bill Payment - 2

Image 3 - Register Grievance Screen in HMWSSB Mobile App.

HMWSSB Bill Payment - 3

Image 4 - Complaint Status Screen in HMWSSB Mobile App.

HMWSSB Bill Payment - 4

Image 5 - HMWSSB Bill Payment Screen in HMWSSB Mobile App.

HMWSSB Bill Payment - 5

You can choose your convenient payment method and proceed to checkout and complete the HMWSSB Bill Payment using HMWSSB Mobile App. 

Image 6 - GHMC Area Citizen Services Screen in HMWSSB Mobile App.

HMWSSB Bill Payment - 6

Image 7 - Register Pot Hole Screen in HMWSSB Mobile App.

HMWSSB Bill Payment - 7

You can Install HMWSSB Mobile App with the following instructions.

You can pay your HMWSSB bill Payment  in a easiest way just with the few clicks you can make your HMWSSB bill Payment  from your Mobile only and you need not to open your laptop just you need internet on your Mobile .

To avail this facility, HMWSSB bill payment board customers can Download HMWSSB mobile app. The HMWSSB bill payment  Mobile app can be downloaded from Google play store by searching with HMWSSB Name, select customer mobile App. 

Customer can access HMWSSB bill payment Services through mobile App. Consumer can register using there CAN-CUSTOMER ACCOUNT NUMBER AND MOBILE NUMBER Registered with HMWSSB. 

Consumer will be sent an (OTP)-One time password to their registered Mobile number for authentication. Consumer can avail the above services after successful login and consumer can pay HMWSSB bill payment through mobile App.

Finally , I believe you Enjoy this article and please follow and using above methods and rules after that you can pay HMWSSB Bill payment successfully through the your HMWSSB Mobile App.

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